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Carhartt Legacy Gear Bag


Carhartt Legacy Gear Bag

Carhartt Legacy Gear Bag

I love this bag, its ballistic fabric is sturdy and weatherproof. A great bag with a few down side. First, it has no structure so its very saggy until you fill it up, if you don't have much stuff the 30 inch bag will be too much. Because of that, it might not be the best bag to carry only heavy power tools, it will most likely sink while you carry it and hit you in the leg every time you step. The more light to mid weight equipment is in it the more structural it becomes. I do roofing, and I put my harness, a 50 feet lifeline, a rope grab, small roofing tools, tool pouch, a 50 feet air hose, Hitachi nailer, a warm hoodie, some other knick knacks and there is still space for other stuff! Alternatively, it also means its easier to machine wash as it has no structure it will wash well, and warm water washing usually maintain DWR finishes with about one to two wash per year as long as its done with proper soap. DWR friendly soap are available online and in specialised sport store btw. Another down side others might find is that this a bag is designed for bulky stuff, if you expect a bag filled with secondary interior pockets you got it all wrong, there is a main compartment and a big side pocket, all zippered that's it. This is the type of bag you put your stuff in and out. Great for trades that use equipment that doesn't require a fancy interior, its a perfect bag for roofers as it is weatherproof (although the bottom corners have breathing holes), sturdy fabric and abrasion resistant at the bottom. Its is not a good bag for lets say electricians to carry multiple type of smaller gears and pliers. Last down side is the shoulder strap can only adjust so far, I wish I could adjust it shorter so the bag doesn't make contact with my leg when I use the strap and am 6 feet tall, if you are shorter you will hate that shoulder strap... Other than that, great bag. Would be great for road trips, camping and hunting as well.
every thing was good great for a work bag to caring all my sons things
Wish it was a little thicker, that being said I can fit all my ropes and climbing gear and I haven't had an issue yet
What an awesome work bag. Size is a bit excessive but I have no issue putting all my gear in my work bag anymore ????




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